Thursday, March 24, 2011

Titles?? Selfishness..

Well. It's official to tell that this post will be the last post during my training period..
(Alex i still have time update blog lerh)


Ok, as mention on the topic, this post will be talking about selfishness. Not about me and not about my friends.

As everybody know, on 11st of March, Japan suffer magnitute 9.0 earthquake causes 30-foot tall tsunami.
(don't ask me how I know how tall is the wave. Ask Mr. Google.)

Well, It's a sad case because the country that I want to go the most suffer from such thing.

But on another side, Japan is a really really very good country. So many point I can give

Japan Government announce that all shop sells 0 Yen item. WHICH IS FREE!! OMG!!!!

They remain calm after the wave, queue up and buy things one by one.

IF Malaysia government announce Giant sell things for free, I think the shop will crumble is because too much people squeezing inside.

After the quake, citizen of Japan queue up in front of train station, one by one no rushing in.

In Malaysia, don't say earthquake larh. Normal time those guy will push and squeeze into the train as in they never take train before. Some more got pickpocket!!

A Japan citizen ran into a building, save few China student and ended up he died. Even how much China hate Japan because of how Japan treat them in World War, Japanese still risking their lives to save other people.

Yes I admit that I'm selfish and I won't go and risk my lives saving other people inside a building, but at least I won't stop by and watch whole "Movie"

Japanese help each other during and after tsunami, all staying in school hall, helping each other.

If this thing happen in Malaysia, I think all of good citizen's item will be stolen. =.=

Enough??? XP

Next thing I want to talk about is HOW "SOME" MALAYSIA CITIZEN TREAT JAPAN TSUNAMI

Everyone knows this. And Malaysia become very famous because of this. My friend got some online Japanese and Taiwan friend. All text him and say that Malaysia famous already. This is the case...


What a shame~~

Next thing. Which is damn Shame. And everyone know also. Our "first lady" give speech then hurt people already. She mention some thing like this.

"This tsunami is a lesson given to Japan by god. This is because Japan using such high technology and it's so not environment friendly"

Malaysia itself is supported by Japan.. Proves?


Next thing.. Our PM. Datuk Najib Razak saying that he want to build Nuclear Power Plant IN MALAYSIA!

Her wife say japan so high tech. But Japan's nuclear power plant explode.

What makes he thinks that malaysia can stabilize a nuclear power plant?? Let's go to bed and ask my pillow.