Friday, December 31, 2010



After 3 month of battling with my course. I finish my 1st year, going to training after this holiday. It's Christmas. Well I never receive gift or present on Christmas until now. So I can say that the 1st present I receive is from a very good friend of mine - Irvin Tong. Well I do feel touched when I receive his gift. Although it's just a simple card but it do mean something.

On that day, 25th of December, I go back to my hometown - Sabah. I do hope that i will meet my friend when I come back because I do miss them. But it's kinda disappointed. I accidentally met Racheal at Central Plaza.. XP

Since I didn't go anywhere with my friend, I spend my time with my darling - Compaq Laptop. What I do is keep on refreshing Facebook. So I do saw every post by my friend. Beside that, I spend my time finish a manga. From volume 1 to latest volume.


But I really forgot to read another manga that I always wanted to read.

Hereby I introduce a manga. For me is really very nice. It's about a wealthy kid whose grandpa us a puppet master. He died in an incident and the order the kid to bring a big bag to a woman with Silver shinning hair. The kid don't know what's inside the bag actually until an incident going to happen to himself. A woman suddenly 'pop' out and open the bag to save the kid and is her. Inside is a masterpiece puppet fully loaded with weapon. Go read.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Value Combo XXXL

As topic mention above, today i got super value combo XXXL. Before this I got KFC Combo 2 which is get 2 get 1 free. Fever, Cough and flu. Well this is quite normal because when you got flu you will cough then ended up fever.

And today after dinner, I got this SVC(XXXL). COUGH, FLU + HICCUP.

A lot of friends tell me that to cure a hiccup, you can try drink water (la), try to get a shock (la), stop breathing for few second (la), and a lot. I actually try all and guess what.. FAIL!!

I still remember last time I've been hiccuping for 3 days non-stop. Went to seek help from doctor. Got some medicine but it won't help. I only get cured when I'm having my Chemist tuition. My Chemistry teacher gave me one packet of liquid thingy and ask me to drink it. That packet is DAMN bitter but it actually helps. My teacher told me that probably is the gastric juice too much already so need some alkali to dilute the acidic juice.

So now, what I can only do is tell Guan Yin Ma to help me stop this hiccup
(from Fat Wen Wang. Go my FB and find her)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food and Wine Matching...

Today, we went to food and wine matching for oenology class. Mr. Daniel, our lecturer are the one who planned this event. We went to a Fine Dinning Restaurant named Allegro.

As written there it's at SS15 Subang Jaya. The food is quite cheap for fine dinning and it's very nice. Especially pizza and pasta - "Recommended by Chef Aaron Teoh" ^^

At 1st, due to traffic jam, I thought I was late because my friend Steph need to send
Claire home, we have to jam all the way to Allegro. When we reach there, then only I know, lecturer haven't reach there yet. LUCKY!!

Ok here's the 1st course. Sorry don't have picture. It's Nicoise Salad (pronounce as nisua salad), Paired by rose wine. At 1st we don't understand what is meant by pairing with the wine so we ask. Mr. Danial said that you can try salad then the wine, or vise versa, or try both togather. I take the risk to try both togather and the taste is AWFULL!!!

Next, Soup. Potato and Leek soup paired with souvigon blanc. I like the 1st taste when u sip the wine then only the soup. The taste of the soup really came out and it is SOOO NICE~~

Here comes the main course.

Lamb shank with potato something and pasta but I ask Aaron and he say potato missing. I really like this main course but not the wine. Repeat NOT THE WINE. Below is the wine.

This is red wine and the taste is too strong until it totally covers the LAMBY taste. Mheaa~~

This is my Favourite of the day. Tiramisu cake as dessert paired with Dessert wine Banrock Mascato.

At this momment, Louis and Yee Siang keep on ask me drink one shot one shot. Of cause they also drink one shot larh. Having great time with them.

This is Yee Siang.
sorry if i spell wrong your name ah. XP

I wonder whether they drunk already or not. Haha.


Group picture. Peace~~ ^^v

Friday, November 19, 2010


Since past few days, I started to hate the bus driver. Especially the skinny one. They get paid by Taylor's and they work like what? Holiday time? Here's the story.

1st day~

I having class until 6 o'clock. On that day, I was so happy because I'm going out with my friend to have dinner. I was rushing time because I'm late. Finally the bus came. Usually there's a cardboard on the windshield there indicate where the bus going to. Ok the bus that came is heading to Suriamas Apartment - where I'm staying. In order to make sure, I asked the bus driver is this bus going to Suriamas. And he "kindly" reply me: "yes, just come up." Few minutes later, the bus started the "TRIP" He drive damn fast and eventually passed through LCS - the junction to apartment. And a lot of student start making noise until the bus suddenly stop and ask us to get off. There's a student in front of me ask the bus driver: "Why the cardboard shows Suriamas but you didn't reach there?" And the KIND bus driver answer her: "I PUT THAT FOR FUN"

2nd day~~

Early in the morning, I overslept because I "ter-off" the alarm yesterday due to holiday. My class started on 8.30 a.m. I miss 7 o'clock bus so got no choice wait for 8 o'clock bus. It's 8 o'clock and the bus still haven't come yet. Waiting waiting WAITING~ until 8.15 a.m only the bus reach. It's the same bus driver again. @.@ This time he's more terrible. On the way to university, he went to oil station.
Why he want to refill by the time he fetch us? Why don't he go refill after we went to Uni? the bus schedule is a trip every 1 hour. Time taken to uni is just 15 minute. Why?

3rd day~~~

This time is different driver. Long Hair guy. Cardboard written there Suriamas. So I "RECONFIRM" and went up. He bring us to LCS there and call all student get off. A girl again, argue with the bus driver, ask him why didn't reach Suriamas? And the answer she get is: "this bus is going to Subang Jaya" and she shout at the girl call her to GET OFF!! Such terrible attitude!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Graduation Day~~

Finally i get a chance to update my blog. It's something about 31st of October, quite long ago...

Well, our Taylor's University had graduation day on that day. My friends and I were asked to serve VIP thanks to our beloved lecturer Miss Michelle.



I guess we din feel nervous because we are "so called" proffesional. -.-

Below are some of the picture.

Service staff and Kitchen staff.

Table setting and CENTERPIECE!!

I wonder since when we doing service for Airline.
"Good Morning sir, Welcome to Truffles Airline Company. May I know your seat number? "16F" It's on your left sir. Have a nice trip..."

Mocktail of the day - Celebration~~

Pn. Siti keep on repeating "AWESOME~~". I wonder what so awesome until I saw this picture..


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fasten your seat-belt

Suddenly receive a message from my friend told me that I need to go University tomorrow by myself. His reason is his car had been sent to workshop. Of cause I will ask what happen. He told me his car hit something, tire punctured, hit divider, flip 360, accident, the end. This is the result:

it's happy to heard that he got no serious injuries. Just some fracture on his leg. Guys out there who like to drive fast, please be careful. My friend just drive 50+ got and such thing happen. Imagine on your car speed to 100. Everyone out there, PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT ONCE YOU ENTER YOUR CAR. No matter where you go, even if u wan to drive to shopping next to your housing area. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


These few days very busy.. busy busy busy..

But of cause I'm not busy of paper work. All I was busying is becoming a commis. As a commis, I need to stay until 10p.m. However, we need to stay until 10.30 or 11 if chef is doing demo. Actually its optional but in order to learn more, I got no choice.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Commis and Result.........

Yesterday was my most tired day in University. For term 6 student, which is final year, they need a commis (assistant). I volunteer to become commis is because I want to learn more things based on Culinary Arts. Term 1 I do join commis but not on term 2. When I was in term 2, we got no chance to become commis because got no term 6 students. I am not very sure about this because this is what I heard from my friends. Yesterday, I went University at 7 o’clock and start class at 8. After my Pastry class and English class, I have no class anymore for that day. Because I wanted to helped, I need to stay until 6 o’clock then only senior start class.

When I started my commis, senior who instruct me ask me to cut all the veggies. When I start cutting all the veggies, I think back my last senior. Which is:

I do learn a lot from him. Many laughter during the class. Always happy happy together. But that is past. For yesterday my senior is:

He so worries and asks me did I learn anything from him. Officially, I pronounce here, yes I do learn thing from you. I learn how to turn an item easily. This is the 1st class I had with you guys and I learnt this. Thank you to all my senior. If anything or need commis, welcome you can call me. I’ll try to free out my time.

Now let us talk about result. I counted my marks and I got 14.1 for average. Then I went out to have my dinner. When I came back, I count again and I got 14.53:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing Life, Passing Time....

Today went out with one of my friends. Both of us went to have lunch at Sunway Pyramid, then just hanging around to have a look at everything. I saw another friend from my hometown at there. Then only I realize something. Time is passing very fast. It is almost the end of year 2010, 2011 is coming. I have almost finished my Diploma in Culinary Arts 1st year. So fast, I have known my KL friends for half a year. How many years left for me? I online and saw my hometown friends all wearing Blazer and Coat, attending a Prom Night for Form 6. Everyone is growing and time is passing.

As the end of the story, we must really appreciate everything in front of us. Maybe it still there or maybe it will be gone after the next second. I must stay strong and happy to past my short life as interesting as possible. Time will not stop there and wait me to stand up from failure. Good luck to me and everyone out there. By the way, thank you for one of my friend who share his past to me and let me know him more. Moreover, I saw his blog got post something that I give him. Feel better while I felt down because something happen. Haha.

>Cheer up and remember what had you post here today Lawrence. ^^v

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I realize this thing on past 2 week’s assessment. Everyone is so hard working on studying the next subject, which next paper. Of cause that include me myself. Everything was very smooth until we went into examination hall. The hall just like protected by a barrier. Here’s an example.

Why I will say something like dat. Almost, every one of my friends forgot what they had revised early in the morning, or even just before the exam. We were still asking each other some question and most of the question can be answered. But everything change when we received the question paper. When I open up and read, I was like OMG I forgot everything. Some of them can survive from the barrier and they seem to answer every question on the paper. But not me. So hereby, I hope those who out there can strengthen your “VIRUS” in order to penetrate the barrier.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st kitchen class (term 3)

Today is 1st day of kitchen class in term 3. Initially I'm student in group 4. But I wonder what happen to Taylor's University. They suddenly rearranged every student and I am the unlucky one who kena the typhoon and changed to group 7. Our chef in charge is Chef Souji from India. He talk very high pitch and every time call us to work faster.
By the time I’m doing preparation like cutting the vegetable, suddenly I thought bout 1st term we learn how to cut vegetable with Chef Zamri. I feel sad because the situation is not the same as last time already. I feel like crying.


Then suddenly such thing happen in the kitchen:

(One of my friends is blanching the tomato and wanted to peel the skin off)

Chef: Eh boy why you didn’t blanch the carrot?

Student: Yes chef I blanch the carrot now.

(The chef walks away to other station and come back after a round)

Chef: Eh why u don’t peel the tomato?

Student: Yes chef I’ll do it now.

(The chef walks away again to have a round)

Chef: I told you just now already, why u still don’t want to blanch the carrot?

My friend and I was like, What The Hell? You just ask us to blanch the carrot while I’m dealing with tomato and you come and ask me to blanch the carrot. When I blanch the carrot, you come and scold me again why I don’t peel the tomato.

Before this, I knew the chef is not a very good chef. Then one of my friends who were doing the same dish in other culinary suit come and tells me: “Lawrence your chef ah, keeps on come to ask our chef what to do with the vegetable and ask how to do the platting.” Then only I know, the chef is not a good chef.


Below are some of sweet memory.. T.T

Monday, October 11, 2010

My First post in my blog.

Well. This is my 1st post in my blog. Let's see. Finally I own my blog after 18 years of "being a human". Hmm... Did others introduce themselves in their 1st post? Haha.. I'm Lawrence, a 18 years old teenager in year 2010. I'm not very tall not very short, not very skinny not very fat. I started to blogging is because I enjoy reading blog and feel like sharing my opinion to friends out there.


Actually I planned to start my blog after I own a DSLR camera so I can attach my photo in my blog like one of my friend did. But I got no camera due to family's problem. So I will try to include some pictures in blog so won't look a lot of words. Hahaha.