Friday, September 28, 2012

My problem

As stated above, this post is about my current problem.
Seems like no one listen so I'm just gonna write here.

Let's start with some Amuse bouche and entree.

I used to be a happy boy. Training at France now. Everything goes smooth like Baby ass.
One day this guy come and join as a trainee also. Things still go smooth until one day.

Entree finish. Time for main course.

This guy start to act like a chef. 
WTH right. Okay never mind. I told myself things will be better.

This one day, I got throat infection. I don't know why. Go to doctor, took medication and things, get better and recover.

Shits happen, 2 weeks later, Throat infection again. Have to go surgery to take out the "DRAGON" inside.
Chef very kind, ask me what happen because in French talking, throat infection is due to
"you have things to say but you keep it yourself. So mentally the words stop at your throat and become infection."
well of course I say I'm very good here.

1 month in France now. According to contract, I have to switch kitchen, which means From hot kitchen to cold kitchen. It's like FINALLY I'm gonna switch. Hope "he" don't follow.

Shits happen!

He go to cold kitchen also. He at dessert part and I'm at starter part. Which is right next to each other.

Told myself, it will be fine.

Not until today.
Throat infection happen Wednesday AGAIN!! SURGERY AGAIN!!!

What happen today is really make me want to kill people. If I'm at Malaysia now, I believe I call gang already.

Fuck. HE BLOCK MY WAY. He stand right between what i need and cut beef.

Chef is like, quick Lawrence quick.

How am I gonna work fast?

what happen next is "he" push me away just to put the beef in the fridge. What is mean push is he really use his palm and push me.

Fuck right. He is a chef or a trainee now? Really want to complain but I'm in foreign country, I cannot do anything.

Dessert time.
Black box. I don't know what's gonna happen. Just wait and see.
Good news is I'm going to Paris soon!! YAY!!
Feel like eating Ice cream now. Chao. Sorry for the long unhappy post and the bad vocab.


Monday, September 12, 2011

What goes around, comes back around..

Anyone believe in Karma??
Anyone don't believe in Karma??

Beyonce's new song.
Best Thing I Ever Had

I'm so over you
So baby good looking out
I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that

I do believe in karma.. What goes around, really comes around
Here's a story

There's a guy who always insult girls saying that they are not pretty..
When he saw pretty girls, he won't say that they are beautiful.
Every single day he's been insulting all the girls he met.
2 Years Later
He got some infection on his face.
two patch red color
dry skin

Finally, he stop talking bad about other people.

Is this Karma??
Or this is a coincidence.

A phrase for everyone out there.

"No one will stays at the peak for all the time.
One day, you will drop from heights and know the pain"

For people who suffering now, don't worry.
The lights is always infront of you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011



Finally Internet is up~~
Finally I have time to blog~~

Lawrence Thien Proudly Presence~~

*The Return Of Law's Area*

Many things happen during training.
Many drama
Many story
Many friends~~

Faced some problem.
Some relationship problem.

What's the best things to do when you face problem??
Talk to your friends.

I tried. Talk to friend.
Friends say I'm annoying.

I never know such friends is around me all the time.
A pretty girl approach me.
"What are friends for when you cannot share your problem?"
From Cat.

This is what I call friends.

Relationship problem settled.
You say you not stable yet.
You told me you will go back to him whenever you have the chance.
I told you the same thing I always tell you.
I'm here. Waiting for you.

Both of us make a promise.
We are friends now.
I'm happy that you happy.
I'm jealous that you're so close with him.
But I cannot do anything.
Because we're just friends.
(For now)

Mum undergoing electrotheraphy.
5 times a week. continue for 25 times.
Call back to KK every weekends to talk to mum.
She says she's fine.

Pray Hard.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A lady that born every child
A housewife that take care the house
A lady that mumble to you everyday
A lady that loves you more than your girlfriend does


playing League of Legion
receive a call from a patient
Must answer even is playing

Hello. What are you doing?
Erm. Playing game now lorh. Why?
Can you on skype? I wanna try how to cam.
Ma can wait for a while? almost done. Why don't try to call gor. I'll call you later ok?

Continue playing.

Video call
 Chit chat for a while
Look closely to your mom ah. See anything change or not.
Huh?? Nothing change ah.. cut hair jor lorh.. have short hair now. But still looks nice.
Look closely ah. Sooner you won't see me in this look already. Wednesday going to undergo Chemo injection la. After that hair fall de larh. Your mom will be botak de larh.

Can't take it so I cry out.
Mom laugh at me and say just joking.
Then she cry out also.
I actually cry in front of my mom
I drag her to the field of sadness along.

A picture of my mum

Ma. No matter how you look like, as long you are healthy as always, I'll be happy. I don't want anything happen to you. Sorry that didn't treat you good enough before.
After I leave my house to study at KL, I realize home the the place I need. I treat my mum better since I left.
but now...

My friends telling me to be strong.
Everything will be fine.
Technologies nowadays is good enough
They'll pray. I'll pray too.
Thanks guys who support and help me.
But I can't stop worrying now.

Chemo injection at KK
Math Final assessment at Taylor's

can't stop crying when writting this.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Everyone cried crying or will cry
No matter how old are you

Tear can be Tear of Sadness
Tear can be Tear of Joy
but not tear of godness in LoL

Yesterday afternoon
When I was playing Plant vs Zombie

I receive a message from my sister through Facebook.
Report is out 
Mum is sick

I quickly call my mum ask about it.
She was crying and she say everything is ok.
She hide from me because she don't want us to worry.

I didn't cry
It's not because I'm not sad.
I didn't cry
Because I don't know what should I do

At night
I call dad to ask again.
Dad say brother know about it already
Dad say mum is watching tv
Dad say wait Monday do surgery
I always believe cancer can be avoid if you realize it during 1st stage

I hope everything will be fine.
Mom. I love you.

To all my friends.
Don't hesitate to do medical check up
Anything will happen

One have to stop crying in order to proceed and get stronger
But at the same time, one need to have the strength to cry.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things that happen

Few months ago

You and I
Having chat almost everyday
We talk about our daily life
We share everything
Love story Sad story

Few months later

You stop contacting me
with a simple reason
you are busy
you don't know what to say

Few days ago

I post a Facebook status

This status is for you
You come to my life
and you leave me alone


are a pillow for me
without you
I can't sleep


am a nail clipper for you
You will come and look for me
only when you need help

Even you need help
you can simply get one nail clipper
not necessary is me

I did not expect anything from you
But at the same time
I can't forget about you

What should I do?

Saturday, May 14, 2011



Anyone really know what a friendship mean?

For me,

is a priceless gift,
It cannot be bought or sold
is like a balloon.
when you let it go, it won't come back.
is like pissing your pants
everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's warmth.
And Friendship
is not a two way road.
It's a one way road traveled by two people together.

None of our friendship will be smooth.
It's a ship
that travel on across the ocean.
you may encounter thunderstorm
But with trust
you'll overcome it
rainbow after the rain will always appear

you can't force your crew to walk on the plank without reason
with tolerance
you may travel further
what will happen when your ship ran out of crew?
can you sail it one-man-show?

Everyone will did mistake
Forgive and Forget

is the best solution to overcome it

Did you ever say sorry to your friend?
Did your friend ever say sorry to you?
I did.

4.19 AM