Monday, September 12, 2011

What goes around, comes back around..

Anyone believe in Karma??
Anyone don't believe in Karma??

Beyonce's new song.
Best Thing I Ever Had

I'm so over you
So baby good looking out
I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that

I do believe in karma.. What goes around, really comes around
Here's a story

There's a guy who always insult girls saying that they are not pretty..
When he saw pretty girls, he won't say that they are beautiful.
Every single day he's been insulting all the girls he met.
2 Years Later
He got some infection on his face.
two patch red color
dry skin

Finally, he stop talking bad about other people.

Is this Karma??
Or this is a coincidence.

A phrase for everyone out there.

"No one will stays at the peak for all the time.
One day, you will drop from heights and know the pain"

For people who suffering now, don't worry.
The lights is always infront of you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011



Finally Internet is up~~
Finally I have time to blog~~

Lawrence Thien Proudly Presence~~

*The Return Of Law's Area*

Many things happen during training.
Many drama
Many story
Many friends~~

Faced some problem.
Some relationship problem.

What's the best things to do when you face problem??
Talk to your friends.

I tried. Talk to friend.
Friends say I'm annoying.

I never know such friends is around me all the time.
A pretty girl approach me.
"What are friends for when you cannot share your problem?"
From Cat.

This is what I call friends.

Relationship problem settled.
You say you not stable yet.
You told me you will go back to him whenever you have the chance.
I told you the same thing I always tell you.
I'm here. Waiting for you.

Both of us make a promise.
We are friends now.
I'm happy that you happy.
I'm jealous that you're so close with him.
But I cannot do anything.
Because we're just friends.
(For now)

Mum undergoing electrotheraphy.
5 times a week. continue for 25 times.
Call back to KK every weekends to talk to mum.
She says she's fine.

Pray Hard.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A lady that born every child
A housewife that take care the house
A lady that mumble to you everyday
A lady that loves you more than your girlfriend does


playing League of Legion
receive a call from a patient
Must answer even is playing

Hello. What are you doing?
Erm. Playing game now lorh. Why?
Can you on skype? I wanna try how to cam.
Ma can wait for a while? almost done. Why don't try to call gor. I'll call you later ok?

Continue playing.

Video call
 Chit chat for a while
Look closely to your mom ah. See anything change or not.
Huh?? Nothing change ah.. cut hair jor lorh.. have short hair now. But still looks nice.
Look closely ah. Sooner you won't see me in this look already. Wednesday going to undergo Chemo injection la. After that hair fall de larh. Your mom will be botak de larh.

Can't take it so I cry out.
Mom laugh at me and say just joking.
Then she cry out also.
I actually cry in front of my mom
I drag her to the field of sadness along.

A picture of my mum

Ma. No matter how you look like, as long you are healthy as always, I'll be happy. I don't want anything happen to you. Sorry that didn't treat you good enough before.
After I leave my house to study at KL, I realize home the the place I need. I treat my mum better since I left.
but now...

My friends telling me to be strong.
Everything will be fine.
Technologies nowadays is good enough
They'll pray. I'll pray too.
Thanks guys who support and help me.
But I can't stop worrying now.

Chemo injection at KK
Math Final assessment at Taylor's

can't stop crying when writting this.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Everyone cried crying or will cry
No matter how old are you

Tear can be Tear of Sadness
Tear can be Tear of Joy
but not tear of godness in LoL

Yesterday afternoon
When I was playing Plant vs Zombie

I receive a message from my sister through Facebook.
Report is out 
Mum is sick

I quickly call my mum ask about it.
She was crying and she say everything is ok.
She hide from me because she don't want us to worry.

I didn't cry
It's not because I'm not sad.
I didn't cry
Because I don't know what should I do

At night
I call dad to ask again.
Dad say brother know about it already
Dad say mum is watching tv
Dad say wait Monday do surgery
I always believe cancer can be avoid if you realize it during 1st stage

I hope everything will be fine.
Mom. I love you.

To all my friends.
Don't hesitate to do medical check up
Anything will happen

One have to stop crying in order to proceed and get stronger
But at the same time, one need to have the strength to cry.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things that happen

Few months ago

You and I
Having chat almost everyday
We talk about our daily life
We share everything
Love story Sad story

Few months later

You stop contacting me
with a simple reason
you are busy
you don't know what to say

Few days ago

I post a Facebook status

This status is for you
You come to my life
and you leave me alone


are a pillow for me
without you
I can't sleep


am a nail clipper for you
You will come and look for me
only when you need help

Even you need help
you can simply get one nail clipper
not necessary is me

I did not expect anything from you
But at the same time
I can't forget about you

What should I do?

Saturday, May 14, 2011



Anyone really know what a friendship mean?

For me,

is a priceless gift,
It cannot be bought or sold
is like a balloon.
when you let it go, it won't come back.
is like pissing your pants
everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's warmth.
And Friendship
is not a two way road.
It's a one way road traveled by two people together.

None of our friendship will be smooth.
It's a ship
that travel on across the ocean.
you may encounter thunderstorm
But with trust
you'll overcome it
rainbow after the rain will always appear

you can't force your crew to walk on the plank without reason
with tolerance
you may travel further
what will happen when your ship ran out of crew?
can you sail it one-man-show?

Everyone will did mistake
Forgive and Forget

is the best solution to overcome it

Did you ever say sorry to your friend?
Did your friend ever say sorry to you?
I did.

4.19 AM

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Random

Feel like update my blog but I don't know what to write about.

OK. May I ask you guys a question?

What will you do when you feel boring?

For me, I will only do 4 things
1. play games.
2. listen song.
3. find someone to chat.

Last one. My Favourite.
Refresh Facebook.

Many will ask.
Lawrence, what game you playing now?
and I will answer them


for more information.
Click there.


Past few days, I met a really really very good friend. More then that.
Well it's not like met him but know him more.

I've know him since friendster time which is form 3
(Now I'm Diploma 1st year)
I add him because one of my friend say his friendster background very nice. So I add him to check it oftenly.
Friendster reach the end and Facebook started. Eventually, he add me at Facebook. When he chat with me only I know is the same guy from Friendster.
Then add MSN chat rarely.
Now, chat in Skype everyday.
Share our day, share our thought.
Oh by the way. A sentence for him.
Sad and emo is DIFFERENT!!

Favourite action.
Refresh facebook.
Well, as everyone know, or maybe someone don't know.
Last time you need to refresh your page to update your friend's status
Now they will automatically update for you.

Refresh facebook is to update yourself from your friend's status.
My friend often ask me.
Do you know that facebook .....
Yes I know because I active facebook.

Another friend ask me
Hey, when I can find you?
"Just on facebook and i'll be there"

Past few days, something happen

Wanna forget, but it's not easy

I'm not as brave as you thought
I just often use smile to cover my emotion.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before I start my story, please allow me to ask you guys a question

So that you guys won't ask:
"Lawrence, how come you everytime also emo?"

Here comes the question....
One day on your life.
You go out to have some happy time with your friend. As an example, you guys go sing karaoke.
In the middle of the session, all of them left you out.

What will YOU do??
(a) you will try to join back to the team
(b) you will remain alone at the corner chatting with your palm
(c) leave the room

now my story starts.
Today during class time, I receive a message. This message is from a friend that I really care about and treat him as a very close friend.
(reason is because we know each other and will share among each other)
(but things go differently)
Message start with
Hey Lawrence, what time your class end?
Erm. It's by 4pm. Anything I can help you?
Nah. Just asking see whether you want to go pyramid or not.
Hmm. But it's raining now lerh.
We can take taylor's bus to Pyramid mah.

Actually we are not allowed to use phone during that specific class but I used it because I want to reply my friend.
After I finish class, I saw him waiting bus alone. Actually I don't want to go because I got things to do at night.
(I'm too soft hearted to see that he's waiting alone there)
Ok I will join u go pyramid

Reach Pyramid
Both of us walking around, looking for present because he wanted to but present for his love one.
Found present, found his friend. He follow me for a while, then we join his friend.
This is the time I felt left out.
Sitting at McD.
Trying to get back to topic but what I get is "palm"

~Emo mode on~
Erm.. You guys will stay here right? I go walk around 1st.
Yea sure. Make sure you come back
So I went around. Guess what. I saw my ex. From back view, I thought i saw the wrong person. So I try to go up one level, rush forward, go back one level, go back to where I saw her. It's really her. She saw me and actually just look away.
*Emo level increase"

When to arcade to "fart out" some emo.
Play Midnight 3DX+
Won a run with very nice drift. Feel very happy.
Back to McD.

Sit back down, feel more left out because I miss their topic.
Never mind. Option B. Sit back alone. Here come more friends. Introduced, movie time.

Movie starts with "It's not Rio"
Where all the birds caught and sent to tiny little town.
Laughter all around.
#Left out at corner sit#

I was left out from the group maybe is because 1st time met them.
Main thing is I was left out from my friend who actually ask me out together.
Didn't even realize that I was watching that movie with no laughter at all.

1 1/2 hour later
The End.
Go back home by taxi. No chat. Bye. Back home.
Bath. Blog.

End of my blog.
Kawan-kawan sekalian. Had you got your answer for the question at the beginning of my post?

Monday, April 18, 2011


In this post, I'm going to say about attitude that SERIOUSLY I DON'T LIKE

It's not that I don't like person like this. What I don't like is their attitude.


People who give excuses.

Everyone will give excuses but it's very obvious that which is acceptable and which is not acceptable.
To make it not specific, I'll put as Person A and Person B.

Person A saw Person B go fetch someone home at night. A say to B

wow so nice person you are. If there's one day I need you to fetch me back at night, will you come and fetch me?
Yea sure. Of cause I will fetch u back if you got no transport.

Next day...
Hello, now I got no transport back home. Can you come and fetch me back?
Erm. Sorry oh I can't fetch u back home. I'm not free now. So sorry ah.
Oh ok I'll find a way to go home. Thank you and Sorry for disturbing.
(when A reach home)
B is at home watching some movie.

Is this a reasonable reason? As you promise people that you going to fetch him/her back but ended up you say you busy because you want to watch movie at home.


Person who totally don't take any responsibility.

There's a group of chef busying to serve customer. Everyone is very busy and uses a lot of pot and pan to cook. Chef A use all his section's pot and pan. A feel that he got not enough utensils, so A went to other section to "borrow" utensils. After A finish using all the utensils, A just leave it at the sink but not clean it. The other chef can't do their best because of the sink is full of A's utensils.

I know that "YOU" are very busy. But at the same time, please don't leave something that will interrupt other people as well. You are working as a group and you just care about yourself.


Which is I hate the most. Person who curse like his grandfather's house.

Curse I mention here is not like I curse you born a baby without ass. Everyone will curse the one and only international language: FUCK YOU.

But can you don't like keep on fuck here fuck there? Some more you not only mention Fuck You when you curse. You always like to say like "Fuck the MotherFucker CB" like that. Please, I'm not here to spoil your image but I'm trying to protect your own image. What's your action when u saw a sexy girl, dress in full formal, but when she speaks, you can see all her teeth is spoiled and always curse? It's the same action when u Cursing so loud with a "KFC buy two free one" combo.

Do mind yourself. Now you guys are just a teenager. It's a stage to prepare yourself to face the community. What happen if you still doing the same thing when u start working? I belief everyone will know.


There's a kind of people who like to say people's bad thing. If you are saying your friend's bad thing in school, it's ok. But if you saying your school friend's bad thing to your colleague, sorry that's so out of range. What if your primary school best friend saying your bad thing when he go out to work? Will you think like oh I'm so famous until my friend is spreading my news. Very obvious right? Gossiping also got his own limit. So don't pass that limit you you will know what colour you will get.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boring Friday Night.

Wake up at 9.20...

Aw it's still early.. Let me sleep for another 10 minutes.

Ok it's 9.30. Wake up and my day has started. As everyone does, 1st thing that you'll do is check mobile phone.

No message, no missed call.

Seems like it'll be a boring day.

What's surprise me is there one of my house mate awaken already. I thought that the whole unit got no one except me. Gladly there's someone. Went to living room, on my laptop and he tell me that he want to cook for lunch. It's just 9.40..


Let's skip to evening.

Went to Pyramid to have a walk.
Yup. It's Sunway Pyramid.
Wearing Hawaii pants and deep-V singlet. with a black slipper.

Bump into Chriss at Pyramid so we walk together. He wanted to go Popular bookstore to read some books. Thanks to him I spend RM70++ for 3 magazines.

Let me introduce to this super expensive magazines.



and Delicious......

Half day outing spend almost RM120.

Back to lonely unit.

Feel too quiet so play some music. 1st song is my favorite one.

Night started with this emo song. Saw some one only so feel like chatting with him.
So suddenly,

I miss her.
But I guess she won't really care bout this.
But she's busying on the phone when I typing this. And I saw one insect just flew into my unit.

I got guest to serve. That's all bout today.

10:14 p.m
End of my day.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today evening.

Had some conversation with one of my friend
Never meet each other before but I think can be consider as "nice to chat"

Our chat start with "Yosh" from me.
(Learn from Chris) ^^

Then we ask each other how's life and so on.

I saw his picture quite nice so left him a comment.

Then this topic started.


If you don't understand what is meant by SS, I'll explain.

Syok Sendiri in Malay. 自拍 in Chinese. SS in english.

Want more example?

Let me introduce.. Drumroll please...

Number ONE!!

Number TWO!!

Number FIVE!!!!

Erm.. What pose is this??

well, If it's nice girl SS, it's ok. But if


Nowadays, SS is not only for girl. It same goes to boy.

Peace ^^



What's epic is boy SS won't lose to girl.. Such as..

But of course, not every guy suitable to SS also so please don't do stupid thing.

A simple Friday to end my weekdays. House mate enjoying holiday. All went back hometown. Left me alone sitting infront of my darling Compaq. Lonely......

Friday, April 8, 2011

New term -- Term 4

Well, as the topic mention, it's about term 4.

It's been 1 year since I enroll Diploma in Culinary Arts. It's just like few months back. Time really flies like an arrow during Uni time.
(for mt friend that is still studying secondary school, you may blabber that time very slow but u will know sooner)

Back to topic TERM 4

In this term, I get to learn French which i'm very interested in. So now I should greet everyone
Bonsoir, Je m'appelle Lawrence.

Well it's just some simple French larh. Not very pro yet so don't want to say so many larh.

Today is Friday. Guess what.

Rebecca Black - It's Friday. Anyone is a fan of her then click this link below larh.

Sorry I'm not a fan of hers.. Seriously she don't know how to sing. She just like reading the lyrics and she become a singer..
(If that so I think I can become super star)


Today, is Suriamas B-15-17 independence day. FINALLY!!!

Unifi technician come and install modem already. Althought we only sign the cheapest package, it's extremely fast.
(If my brother is reading this, Bro.. I'm using the faster internet in Malaysia now.. XP)

My online game that I'm playing

Welcome back to papa.

I think that conclude my blog for today. Nothing much happen for this week. Simple simple life.
When only my spice and herbs will come into my life??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random~~ SO Random~~~

Well.. Today is my last day being in my hometown.

Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

By the way. Sabahan is not staying on tree. We're staying in bungalow or semi-D.

Question: Where is Kota Kinabalu?
Answer: Kota Kinabalu is located at Sabah, East Malaysia Land below the wind.

That's not the main topic so SKIP!!

I still remember something. One day, my friend ask me.
"Hey, did u read my blog? I've update it"
"huh? Blog? I don't know what's your link"
(oops I've hurt his feeling)
"Here. This is my blog link."
"Yea I'll visit your blog. Here's mine too"
"WOW!! It's been like long time ago since I read one blog like yours"
(Erm.. Is it because my blog is just about my feelings?)

And that is one of my topic today.


(Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries)

So........ Can I write about my feelings?

Next thing.

I always post in facebook after I finish updating my blog. Maybe someone will ask themself.
(Of here's the bastard showing off his blog again. I wonder why he want to post in facebook?)

Today I'll announce what's the reason.

I'm not showing off that I have a blog. I just hope that my friend will pay my blog a visit and leave some comment. Well you can don't click on the link if you don't want to read blog. I didn't point a gun at you.

Well at least I'm not like someone posting at facebook.
1. Wee I'm going out with my boyfriend now.
2. Oh my god it's freaking jam on the road
3. Yay finally reach XXX.
4. Having sweet dinner with my darling.
5. I'm so full~~ @.@
6. Watching XXX with darling.
7. Go home lurh. Bye darling.. Muackss Muackss.

Will she post like Oh I'm having sex with my darling.

Third thing~~~~~~~~

Today I've read my friends blog. From his post only I know something big happen on him.

Well.. He's a person that really very take care of his own belongings. It's really really taking care. He always put his DSLR inside his bag, his precious flute inside a bag, his masterpiece inside a bag. Even when he go to bed, his laptop goes to bed too..
(sorry I'm a person that leave my dear laptop on table when I go for bed)

I feel like asking him how is he, is he ok, or anything.
(there's always a but)
I scare I hook some unhappy feelings from bottom of his heart. What should I do?? Anyone can teach me?

Last day at hometown. Friends at hometown, I'll be back in another 3 months. Thanks for caring bout me. I'm so happy that you guys still as friendly as last time I was together with you guys.. Thank you very much..


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Titles?? Selfishness..

Well. It's official to tell that this post will be the last post during my training period..
(Alex i still have time update blog lerh)


Ok, as mention on the topic, this post will be talking about selfishness. Not about me and not about my friends.

As everybody know, on 11st of March, Japan suffer magnitute 9.0 earthquake causes 30-foot tall tsunami.
(don't ask me how I know how tall is the wave. Ask Mr. Google.)

Well, It's a sad case because the country that I want to go the most suffer from such thing.

But on another side, Japan is a really really very good country. So many point I can give

Japan Government announce that all shop sells 0 Yen item. WHICH IS FREE!! OMG!!!!

They remain calm after the wave, queue up and buy things one by one.

IF Malaysia government announce Giant sell things for free, I think the shop will crumble is because too much people squeezing inside.

After the quake, citizen of Japan queue up in front of train station, one by one no rushing in.

In Malaysia, don't say earthquake larh. Normal time those guy will push and squeeze into the train as in they never take train before. Some more got pickpocket!!

A Japan citizen ran into a building, save few China student and ended up he died. Even how much China hate Japan because of how Japan treat them in World War, Japanese still risking their lives to save other people.

Yes I admit that I'm selfish and I won't go and risk my lives saving other people inside a building, but at least I won't stop by and watch whole "Movie"

Japanese help each other during and after tsunami, all staying in school hall, helping each other.

If this thing happen in Malaysia, I think all of good citizen's item will be stolen. =.=

Enough??? XP

Next thing I want to talk about is HOW "SOME" MALAYSIA CITIZEN TREAT JAPAN TSUNAMI

Everyone knows this. And Malaysia become very famous because of this. My friend got some online Japanese and Taiwan friend. All text him and say that Malaysia famous already. This is the case...


What a shame~~

Next thing. Which is damn Shame. And everyone know also. Our "first lady" give speech then hurt people already. She mention some thing like this.

"This tsunami is a lesson given to Japan by god. This is because Japan using such high technology and it's so not environment friendly"

Malaysia itself is supported by Japan.. Proves?


Next thing.. Our PM. Datuk Najib Razak saying that he want to build Nuclear Power Plant IN MALAYSIA!

Her wife say japan so high tech. But Japan's nuclear power plant explode.

What makes he thinks that malaysia can stabilize a nuclear power plant?? Let's go to bed and ask my pillow.