Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food and Wine Matching...

Today, we went to food and wine matching for oenology class. Mr. Daniel, our lecturer are the one who planned this event. We went to a Fine Dinning Restaurant named Allegro.

As written there it's at SS15 Subang Jaya. The food is quite cheap for fine dinning and it's very nice. Especially pizza and pasta - "Recommended by Chef Aaron Teoh" ^^

At 1st, due to traffic jam, I thought I was late because my friend Steph need to send
Claire home, we have to jam all the way to Allegro. When we reach there, then only I know, lecturer haven't reach there yet. LUCKY!!

Ok here's the 1st course. Sorry don't have picture. It's Nicoise Salad (pronounce as nisua salad), Paired by rose wine. At 1st we don't understand what is meant by pairing with the wine so we ask. Mr. Danial said that you can try salad then the wine, or vise versa, or try both togather. I take the risk to try both togather and the taste is AWFULL!!!

Next, Soup. Potato and Leek soup paired with souvigon blanc. I like the 1st taste when u sip the wine then only the soup. The taste of the soup really came out and it is SOOO NICE~~

Here comes the main course.

Lamb shank with potato something and pasta but I ask Aaron and he say potato missing. I really like this main course but not the wine. Repeat NOT THE WINE. Below is the wine.

This is red wine and the taste is too strong until it totally covers the LAMBY taste. Mheaa~~

This is my Favourite of the day. Tiramisu cake as dessert paired with Dessert wine Banrock Mascato.

At this momment, Louis and Yee Siang keep on ask me drink one shot one shot. Of cause they also drink one shot larh. Having great time with them.

This is Yee Siang.
sorry if i spell wrong your name ah. XP

I wonder whether they drunk already or not. Haha.


Group picture. Peace~~ ^^v

Friday, November 19, 2010


Since past few days, I started to hate the bus driver. Especially the skinny one. They get paid by Taylor's and they work like what? Holiday time? Here's the story.

1st day~

I having class until 6 o'clock. On that day, I was so happy because I'm going out with my friend to have dinner. I was rushing time because I'm late. Finally the bus came. Usually there's a cardboard on the windshield there indicate where the bus going to. Ok the bus that came is heading to Suriamas Apartment - where I'm staying. In order to make sure, I asked the bus driver is this bus going to Suriamas. And he "kindly" reply me: "yes, just come up." Few minutes later, the bus started the "TRIP" He drive damn fast and eventually passed through LCS - the junction to apartment. And a lot of student start making noise until the bus suddenly stop and ask us to get off. There's a student in front of me ask the bus driver: "Why the cardboard shows Suriamas but you didn't reach there?" And the KIND bus driver answer her: "I PUT THAT FOR FUN"

2nd day~~

Early in the morning, I overslept because I "ter-off" the alarm yesterday due to holiday. My class started on 8.30 a.m. I miss 7 o'clock bus so got no choice wait for 8 o'clock bus. It's 8 o'clock and the bus still haven't come yet. Waiting waiting WAITING~ until 8.15 a.m only the bus reach. It's the same bus driver again. @.@ This time he's more terrible. On the way to university, he went to oil station.
Why he want to refill by the time he fetch us? Why don't he go refill after we went to Uni? the bus schedule is a trip every 1 hour. Time taken to uni is just 15 minute. Why?

3rd day~~~

This time is different driver. Long Hair guy. Cardboard written there Suriamas. So I "RECONFIRM" and went up. He bring us to LCS there and call all student get off. A girl again, argue with the bus driver, ask him why didn't reach Suriamas? And the answer she get is: "this bus is going to Subang Jaya" and she shout at the girl call her to GET OFF!! Such terrible attitude!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Graduation Day~~

Finally i get a chance to update my blog. It's something about 31st of October, quite long ago...

Well, our Taylor's University had graduation day on that day. My friends and I were asked to serve VIP thanks to our beloved lecturer Miss Michelle.



I guess we din feel nervous because we are "so called" proffesional. -.-

Below are some of the picture.

Service staff and Kitchen staff.

Table setting and CENTERPIECE!!

I wonder since when we doing service for Airline.
"Good Morning sir, Welcome to Truffles Airline Company. May I know your seat number? "16F" It's on your left sir. Have a nice trip..."

Mocktail of the day - Celebration~~

Pn. Siti keep on repeating "AWESOME~~". I wonder what so awesome until I saw this picture..