Friday, September 28, 2012

My problem

As stated above, this post is about my current problem.
Seems like no one listen so I'm just gonna write here.

Let's start with some Amuse bouche and entree.

I used to be a happy boy. Training at France now. Everything goes smooth like Baby ass.
One day this guy come and join as a trainee also. Things still go smooth until one day.

Entree finish. Time for main course.

This guy start to act like a chef. 
WTH right. Okay never mind. I told myself things will be better.

This one day, I got throat infection. I don't know why. Go to doctor, took medication and things, get better and recover.

Shits happen, 2 weeks later, Throat infection again. Have to go surgery to take out the "DRAGON" inside.
Chef very kind, ask me what happen because in French talking, throat infection is due to
"you have things to say but you keep it yourself. So mentally the words stop at your throat and become infection."
well of course I say I'm very good here.

1 month in France now. According to contract, I have to switch kitchen, which means From hot kitchen to cold kitchen. It's like FINALLY I'm gonna switch. Hope "he" don't follow.

Shits happen!

He go to cold kitchen also. He at dessert part and I'm at starter part. Which is right next to each other.

Told myself, it will be fine.

Not until today.
Throat infection happen Wednesday AGAIN!! SURGERY AGAIN!!!

What happen today is really make me want to kill people. If I'm at Malaysia now, I believe I call gang already.

Fuck. HE BLOCK MY WAY. He stand right between what i need and cut beef.

Chef is like, quick Lawrence quick.

How am I gonna work fast?

what happen next is "he" push me away just to put the beef in the fridge. What is mean push is he really use his palm and push me.

Fuck right. He is a chef or a trainee now? Really want to complain but I'm in foreign country, I cannot do anything.

Dessert time.
Black box. I don't know what's gonna happen. Just wait and see.
Good news is I'm going to Paris soon!! YAY!!
Feel like eating Ice cream now. Chao. Sorry for the long unhappy post and the bad vocab.



  1. Just swallow the pain. Think you're gonna have to deal with a lot of idiots in the future! Patience!

    1. Thank you very much. I guess you met some idiots too.

  2. I keep imagine most chefs are like gordon ramsey, ruthless and fierce... are they? =p

    1. No not really.. There are chefs that's very kind and good. :)