Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last day of straight off.

Today is the last day of my straight off. It's really a straight off because they arrange such day together:

Last Week(1 day off + 2 day Chinese New Year) + This Week(1 day Prophet Muhammad + 1 City Day + 1 day off)

My off "week" is very boring. Everyday also wake up almost at afternoon. So I've decided to go gym as announced in last post. Well result is not bad.

I knew a new friend from gym. Actually is when I want to take back my resident card
*we need to give resident card in order to use any facilities*
I accidentally saw his name on a paper. Well, he's quite friendly and quite pro in gym knowledge. What to do in order to train certain part.

Ok back to original topic. Last day of my off "week". Initially I thought it will be as usual that will stay at home, lying on bed, play PSP until finish battery then watch movie until 5pm go gym. But early in the morning
*actually is not early because I wake up at 11.30++*
I receive a message that woke me up. It's a message from my friend Irvin Tong. Screaming for help, say he took MC because he sick. He want me to go his unit to help him.

Help what??

Help him install Maple Story.

Ok today I didn't go gym. I just walk through gym during my way home. Reason I didn't go gym is because Irvin wanted to go Pyramid to buy something. I didn't expect that my new friend will recognize me when I walk through gym.


At night, we went to Pyramid to watch movie. Initially we wanted to watch New Shaolin:

But due to un-satisfaction of the seat, we decided to watch THIS movie.

And co-coincidently we saw Square Lee when we entering to the hall.

After we watch movie, Irvin suddenly say want to buy something.

Next? Go home. End of story.

Tomorrow will back to work at Shangri-La. Well, it's another day. Good luck to all of you out there.


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