Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Feelings and My Plan

Welcome to my blog again for those who support me. In this post, I won't tag anyone because is all about my feelings. Sorry if anyone saw and "perasan".

This is just MY feelings and what I MYSELF wanted to say!!

Today is my off day and I wanted to update my blog again during my training.

Early in the morning
*not early because i wake up at 11++am..*
Early in the morning i wake up, I receive a text message from someone. It tells me to stop contact. And that makes my day. I realize something. The one I like always go far from Malaysia and the one I love is always not available. Is it my own problem or what. Feel disappointed. Glue up my shattered mood and start my day.

1st thing to do is to check Facebook see whether any interaction or not.
Erm. After a long night and i only got 2 notifications. Guess it's not my day at all. But i still need to continue my day. Take a quick bath and clean up my room. See this picture below. It's a picture of my study table after being "tidy" up.

Thanks to my housemate left his bags and item here because he say he can't bring back so many things. So he need to put in my room. And now is like~~
*sorry to make it clear if not people will think that I'm a big spender.*

Now that I got 6 day straight off day.
(1 week 1 off+2 days CNY+1 Prophet Muhammad+1 City Day+1 week 1 off)
What to do?
I'm not gonna wait this to grow on my body!! HELL NO!!

This is my plan. Go to gym everyday for at least 30 minutes. Target? SIX PACKS!!

Joking. This is enough for me. Just to fix the packs.

I used to maintain healthy lifestyle during my training. If got chance I will update a picture of my meal during break time.
It's really HEALTHY!!

But now i start to go back my old lifestyle so I'm gaining weight again.

Lastly, what I wanted to say is...........
I'm totally give up to my relationship. I GIVE UP!!
I'm so tired of being this. People always say single is the best. Yes I agree but keep on saw this.

And this.

And this.

Makes me feel jealous. Maybe I don't understand what LOVE means. Maybe it's true that I will be dating my laptop for my life.

Welcome to your dear my lappy!!

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