Sunday, June 12, 2011


Everyone cried crying or will cry
No matter how old are you

Tear can be Tear of Sadness
Tear can be Tear of Joy
but not tear of godness in LoL

Yesterday afternoon
When I was playing Plant vs Zombie

I receive a message from my sister through Facebook.
Report is out 
Mum is sick

I quickly call my mum ask about it.
She was crying and she say everything is ok.
She hide from me because she don't want us to worry.

I didn't cry
It's not because I'm not sad.
I didn't cry
Because I don't know what should I do

At night
I call dad to ask again.
Dad say brother know about it already
Dad say mum is watching tv
Dad say wait Monday do surgery
I always believe cancer can be avoid if you realize it during 1st stage

I hope everything will be fine.
Mom. I love you.

To all my friends.
Don't hesitate to do medical check up
Anything will happen

One have to stop crying in order to proceed and get stronger
But at the same time, one need to have the strength to cry.


  1. i'm sorry to hear this. hope your mum can get well soon. gob bless her. be strong :)


    anything can help if you feel sad or need someone to talk to. I am here :)