Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A lady that born every child
A housewife that take care the house
A lady that mumble to you everyday
A lady that loves you more than your girlfriend does


playing League of Legion
receive a call from a patient
Must answer even is playing

Hello. What are you doing?
Erm. Playing game now lorh. Why?
Can you on skype? I wanna try how to cam.
Ma can wait for a while? almost done. Why don't try to call gor. I'll call you later ok?

Continue playing.

Video call
 Chit chat for a while
Look closely to your mom ah. See anything change or not.
Huh?? Nothing change ah.. cut hair jor lorh.. have short hair now. But still looks nice.
Look closely ah. Sooner you won't see me in this look already. Wednesday going to undergo Chemo injection la. After that hair fall de larh. Your mom will be botak de larh.

Can't take it so I cry out.
Mom laugh at me and say just joking.
Then she cry out also.
I actually cry in front of my mom
I drag her to the field of sadness along.

A picture of my mum

Ma. No matter how you look like, as long you are healthy as always, I'll be happy. I don't want anything happen to you. Sorry that didn't treat you good enough before.
After I leave my house to study at KL, I realize home the the place I need. I treat my mum better since I left.
but now...

My friends telling me to be strong.
Everything will be fine.
Technologies nowadays is good enough
They'll pray. I'll pray too.
Thanks guys who support and help me.
But I can't stop worrying now.

Chemo injection at KK
Math Final assessment at Taylor's

can't stop crying when writting this.


  1. everything will be fine. be patient and pray hard :]

  2. *pats back* dude, don worry too much, go with the flow... my prayers will be with u. =)

  3. im a mummy boy just like u. N good luck to auntie :)