Sunday, July 31, 2011



Finally Internet is up~~
Finally I have time to blog~~

Lawrence Thien Proudly Presence~~

*The Return Of Law's Area*

Many things happen during training.
Many drama
Many story
Many friends~~

Faced some problem.
Some relationship problem.

What's the best things to do when you face problem??
Talk to your friends.

I tried. Talk to friend.
Friends say I'm annoying.

I never know such friends is around me all the time.
A pretty girl approach me.
"What are friends for when you cannot share your problem?"
From Cat.

This is what I call friends.

Relationship problem settled.
You say you not stable yet.
You told me you will go back to him whenever you have the chance.
I told you the same thing I always tell you.
I'm here. Waiting for you.

Both of us make a promise.
We are friends now.
I'm happy that you happy.
I'm jealous that you're so close with him.
But I cannot do anything.
Because we're just friends.
(For now)

Mum undergoing electrotheraphy.
5 times a week. continue for 25 times.
Call back to KK every weekends to talk to mum.
She says she's fine.

Pray Hard.

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