Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food and Wine Matching...

Today, we went to food and wine matching for oenology class. Mr. Daniel, our lecturer are the one who planned this event. We went to a Fine Dinning Restaurant named Allegro.

As written there it's at SS15 Subang Jaya. The food is quite cheap for fine dinning and it's very nice. Especially pizza and pasta - "Recommended by Chef Aaron Teoh" ^^

At 1st, due to traffic jam, I thought I was late because my friend Steph need to send
Claire home, we have to jam all the way to Allegro. When we reach there, then only I know, lecturer haven't reach there yet. LUCKY!!

Ok here's the 1st course. Sorry don't have picture. It's Nicoise Salad (pronounce as nisua salad), Paired by rose wine. At 1st we don't understand what is meant by pairing with the wine so we ask. Mr. Danial said that you can try salad then the wine, or vise versa, or try both togather. I take the risk to try both togather and the taste is AWFULL!!!

Next, Soup. Potato and Leek soup paired with souvigon blanc. I like the 1st taste when u sip the wine then only the soup. The taste of the soup really came out and it is SOOO NICE~~

Here comes the main course.

Lamb shank with potato something and pasta but I ask Aaron and he say potato missing. I really like this main course but not the wine. Repeat NOT THE WINE. Below is the wine.

This is red wine and the taste is too strong until it totally covers the LAMBY taste. Mheaa~~

This is my Favourite of the day. Tiramisu cake as dessert paired with Dessert wine Banrock Mascato.

At this momment, Louis and Yee Siang keep on ask me drink one shot one shot. Of cause they also drink one shot larh. Having great time with them.

This is Yee Siang.
sorry if i spell wrong your name ah. XP

I wonder whether they drunk already or not. Haha.


Group picture. Peace~~ ^^v


  1. How much the whole dinner cost including wine ?

  2. erm.. RM100 is the cost for this event. I check the menu. For pizza is 40+, Spaghetti is 10+, main course RM20+