Sunday, November 7, 2010

Graduation Day~~

Finally i get a chance to update my blog. It's something about 31st of October, quite long ago...

Well, our Taylor's University had graduation day on that day. My friends and I were asked to serve VIP thanks to our beloved lecturer Miss Michelle.



I guess we din feel nervous because we are "so called" proffesional. -.-

Below are some of the picture.

Service staff and Kitchen staff.

Table setting and CENTERPIECE!!

I wonder since when we doing service for Airline.
"Good Morning sir, Welcome to Truffles Airline Company. May I know your seat number? "16F" It's on your left sir. Have a nice trip..."

Mocktail of the day - Celebration~~

Pn. Siti keep on repeating "AWESOME~~". I wonder what so awesome until I saw this picture..



  1. Please allow me to write somethings here,

    I’m a VIP, very important person…..and we’re all the same.
    The success of this event is not the decoration, not the flower, not the brown sugar stick, not the well iron table cloths… the success came from the very important persons whom serve with sincere smile, passionate about what they are doing, met my demanded expectation. It came from your confident who never have any real industry experience before.

    To Lawrence, Jun Kang, Ron, Amrita, Chean Woon, Fong, Nyi Nyi, Valerie & Xin Yee – You all are my VIP!!!!