Friday, December 31, 2010



After 3 month of battling with my course. I finish my 1st year, going to training after this holiday. It's Christmas. Well I never receive gift or present on Christmas until now. So I can say that the 1st present I receive is from a very good friend of mine - Irvin Tong. Well I do feel touched when I receive his gift. Although it's just a simple card but it do mean something.

On that day, 25th of December, I go back to my hometown - Sabah. I do hope that i will meet my friend when I come back because I do miss them. But it's kinda disappointed. I accidentally met Racheal at Central Plaza.. XP

Since I didn't go anywhere with my friend, I spend my time with my darling - Compaq Laptop. What I do is keep on refreshing Facebook. So I do saw every post by my friend. Beside that, I spend my time finish a manga. From volume 1 to latest volume.


But I really forgot to read another manga that I always wanted to read.

Hereby I introduce a manga. For me is really very nice. It's about a wealthy kid whose grandpa us a puppet master. He died in an incident and the order the kid to bring a big bag to a woman with Silver shinning hair. The kid don't know what's inside the bag actually until an incident going to happen to himself. A woman suddenly 'pop' out and open the bag to save the kid and is her. Inside is a masterpiece puppet fully loaded with weapon. Go read.

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