Friday, January 7, 2011

Industrial Training..

1st of all I wanted to post this thing to Alex Lim. He told me that when training start, I won't have time to update my blog. Sorry this post won't be include any picture due to my stupid phone.


It's after 3 term in Taylor's University and everyone in my batch needed to go for a industrial training. Well, of course my choices is Best Hotel Award in Asia Pacific - Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.

My training session is like this. FnB which is Food & Beverage for 1 1/2 month which is 6 weeks then ended up with 1 1/2 month for kitchen which is another 12 weeks.

Simple Math class:
"Kids.... What's 6+6 equal to??"
"1 month equal to 4 weeks and 12 weeks is equal to??"
Lim Lim answer me:"trois mois!!"

1st department I got is Lemon Garden CafĂ©. Well I damn like to work there. All the staff is very friendly except 2. LOL. I knew a very friendly guy, who will always teach me what I asked and what I don’t know. His name is Bryson.
*a very handsome person too.*

Next person is Kak Yusma. She teach me do many kind of coffee and tea which I never learnt before. And what she told me is "Every staff who works in Lemon Garden Cafe need to know how to brew coffee"

1st job i get is back lane - which is wipe cutleries and crockeries. And do buzzing.
*don't know got spell wrong or not"
It's just a simple job to change trolley at every station.

2nd day is coffee maker which Kak Yusma teach me everything.

3rd day is serving then i got off day on Thursday.

4th day which is Today, Bryson teach me how to serve red wine, white wine and champagne. Although I not very understand the champagne part but very thanks to Bryson teach me so much. He's good in wine serving.. ^^

I guess that conclude my blog today. Time for Facebook.

*guess I'm the only trainee who still have time and energy to play facebook and bloging during training*
true ornot LIM LIM??

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  1. Sei yeh wanna shoot me! LOL

    I also got time to blog and facebook everyday when I was at training :P

    Anyway, keep up the good work. You're lucky u met nice ppl, but dun ever feel down if u meet not so nice ppl :). Just remember, ur just here to learn, not fight ;)