Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Value Combo XXXL

As topic mention above, today i got super value combo XXXL. Before this I got KFC Combo 2 which is get 2 get 1 free. Fever, Cough and flu. Well this is quite normal because when you got flu you will cough then ended up fever.

And today after dinner, I got this SVC(XXXL). COUGH, FLU + HICCUP.

A lot of friends tell me that to cure a hiccup, you can try drink water (la), try to get a shock (la), stop breathing for few second (la), and a lot. I actually try all and guess what.. FAIL!!

I still remember last time I've been hiccuping for 3 days non-stop. Went to seek help from doctor. Got some medicine but it won't help. I only get cured when I'm having my Chemist tuition. My Chemistry teacher gave me one packet of liquid thingy and ask me to drink it. That packet is DAMN bitter but it actually helps. My teacher told me that probably is the gastric juice too much already so need some alkali to dilute the acidic juice.

So now, what I can only do is tell Guan Yin Ma to help me stop this hiccup
(from Fat Wen Wang. Go my FB and find her)



  1. omg finally u update.....guan yin ma, confirm influence by mr adrian one LOL

  2. Harh?? Mr. Adrian?? who is that?? i create de lorh.. XP