Friday, January 28, 2011

What I see~

Ok it's time to update my blog.

Today is working day so as usual I need to walk to our FAMOUS KTM station at Setia Jaya which is just 15 minutes’ walk from my condo. Well i think that I always so rush that I walk in fast steps so I won't be late. But due to I start my journey at 5.45, I decided to slow down my tempo and look around. Guess what, below is what I saw.

1st thing that I saw during my trip:

It is a rotten cabinet on the side of sidewalk which is on the grass. Actually it's Taylor's cabinet. I wonder why it will on the grass.. XP

2nd thing I saw is quite interesting.

It's actually normal to KL people but I do find out its interesting. Well at Sabah, the plate number for a car is SA **** A..

(note that **** is number)

But in KL, the plate number is ### **** only.

The reason I put # is because it can be any alphabet. What interest me is group of alphabet make some funny thing. These are what I saw during my walk.

AFK, AFC, AEH, BED, CCB, CBK, DL, JET, WEP, WUS, and some others I can't remember.

Everyone know that what AFK mean larh. Away From Keyboard. Then how bout AFC?? Away From Car?? AEH screaming. CCB and CBK no need say larh. DL 1111 is his plate number.. Wa he download so many.. XP

And these 2 is the funniest. An old van’s plate number BED. Maybe inside do really have a bed.

Another is a new style Hans Ledwinka, and the plate number is JET.


3rd thing is during working time.

Everyone know that what is iPhone 4 now right? You can see it anywhere.

But this is too over already. A parents leading 3 kids into the coffee house and have a sit. They walk past me and guess what? YEP!! ALL OF THEM ARE HOLDING AN IPHONE 4!!!


Even the smallest is like 5 years old is playing his iPhone~~

I think I’m going to get one.. XP

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