Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fasten your seat-belt

Suddenly receive a message from my friend told me that I need to go University tomorrow by myself. His reason is his car had been sent to workshop. Of cause I will ask what happen. He told me his car hit something, tire punctured, hit divider, flip 360, accident, the end. This is the result:

it's happy to heard that he got no serious injuries. Just some fracture on his leg. Guys out there who like to drive fast, please be careful. My friend just drive 50+ got and such thing happen. Imagine on your car speed to 100. Everyone out there, PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT ONCE YOU ENTER YOUR CAR. No matter where you go, even if u wan to drive to shopping next to your housing area. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT!!

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