Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st kitchen class (term 3)

Today is 1st day of kitchen class in term 3. Initially I'm student in group 4. But I wonder what happen to Taylor's University. They suddenly rearranged every student and I am the unlucky one who kena the typhoon and changed to group 7. Our chef in charge is Chef Souji from India. He talk very high pitch and every time call us to work faster.
By the time I’m doing preparation like cutting the vegetable, suddenly I thought bout 1st term we learn how to cut vegetable with Chef Zamri. I feel sad because the situation is not the same as last time already. I feel like crying.


Then suddenly such thing happen in the kitchen:

(One of my friends is blanching the tomato and wanted to peel the skin off)

Chef: Eh boy why you didn’t blanch the carrot?

Student: Yes chef I blanch the carrot now.

(The chef walks away to other station and come back after a round)

Chef: Eh why u don’t peel the tomato?

Student: Yes chef I’ll do it now.

(The chef walks away again to have a round)

Chef: I told you just now already, why u still don’t want to blanch the carrot?

My friend and I was like, What The Hell? You just ask us to blanch the carrot while I’m dealing with tomato and you come and ask me to blanch the carrot. When I blanch the carrot, you come and scold me again why I don’t peel the tomato.

Before this, I knew the chef is not a very good chef. Then one of my friends who were doing the same dish in other culinary suit come and tells me: “Lawrence your chef ah, keeps on come to ask our chef what to do with the vegetable and ask how to do the platting.” Then only I know, the chef is not a good chef.


Below are some of sweet memory.. T.T

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  1. well..life is not a smooth journey (from mama)
    n life is just like a war that you need to fight for everything you want (from me)