Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Commis and Result.........

Yesterday was my most tired day in University. For term 6 student, which is final year, they need a commis (assistant). I volunteer to become commis is because I want to learn more things based on Culinary Arts. Term 1 I do join commis but not on term 2. When I was in term 2, we got no chance to become commis because got no term 6 students. I am not very sure about this because this is what I heard from my friends. Yesterday, I went University at 7 o’clock and start class at 8. After my Pastry class and English class, I have no class anymore for that day. Because I wanted to helped, I need to stay until 6 o’clock then only senior start class.

When I started my commis, senior who instruct me ask me to cut all the veggies. When I start cutting all the veggies, I think back my last senior. Which is:

I do learn a lot from him. Many laughter during the class. Always happy happy together. But that is past. For yesterday my senior is:

He so worries and asks me did I learn anything from him. Officially, I pronounce here, yes I do learn thing from you. I learn how to turn an item easily. This is the 1st class I had with you guys and I learnt this. Thank you to all my senior. If anything or need commis, welcome you can call me. I’ll try to free out my time.

Now let us talk about result. I counted my marks and I got 14.1 for average. Then I went out to have my dinner. When I came back, I count again and I got 14.53:

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