Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing Life, Passing Time....

Today went out with one of my friends. Both of us went to have lunch at Sunway Pyramid, then just hanging around to have a look at everything. I saw another friend from my hometown at there. Then only I realize something. Time is passing very fast. It is almost the end of year 2010, 2011 is coming. I have almost finished my Diploma in Culinary Arts 1st year. So fast, I have known my KL friends for half a year. How many years left for me? I online and saw my hometown friends all wearing Blazer and Coat, attending a Prom Night for Form 6. Everyone is growing and time is passing.

As the end of the story, we must really appreciate everything in front of us. Maybe it still there or maybe it will be gone after the next second. I must stay strong and happy to past my short life as interesting as possible. Time will not stop there and wait me to stand up from failure. Good luck to me and everyone out there. By the way, thank you for one of my friend who share his past to me and let me know him more. Moreover, I saw his blog got post something that I give him. Feel better while I felt down because something happen. Haha.

>Cheer up and remember what had you post here today Lawrence. ^^v

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