Monday, October 11, 2010

My First post in my blog.

Well. This is my 1st post in my blog. Let's see. Finally I own my blog after 18 years of "being a human". Hmm... Did others introduce themselves in their 1st post? Haha.. I'm Lawrence, a 18 years old teenager in year 2010. I'm not very tall not very short, not very skinny not very fat. I started to blogging is because I enjoy reading blog and feel like sharing my opinion to friends out there.


Actually I planned to start my blog after I own a DSLR camera so I can attach my photo in my blog like one of my friend did. But I got no camera due to family's problem. So I will try to include some pictures in blog so won't look a lot of words. Hahaha.


  1. LOL I am the very first person to comment in this very new blog! ^^v

  2. lol.. like dat also can.. yalarh very good larh..