Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Random

Feel like update my blog but I don't know what to write about.

OK. May I ask you guys a question?

What will you do when you feel boring?

For me, I will only do 4 things
1. play games.
2. listen song.
3. find someone to chat.

Last one. My Favourite.
Refresh Facebook.

Many will ask.
Lawrence, what game you playing now?
and I will answer them


for more information.
Click there.


Past few days, I met a really really very good friend. More then that.
Well it's not like met him but know him more.

I've know him since friendster time which is form 3
(Now I'm Diploma 1st year)
I add him because one of my friend say his friendster background very nice. So I add him to check it oftenly.
Friendster reach the end and Facebook started. Eventually, he add me at Facebook. When he chat with me only I know is the same guy from Friendster.
Then add MSN chat rarely.
Now, chat in Skype everyday.
Share our day, share our thought.
Oh by the way. A sentence for him.
Sad and emo is DIFFERENT!!

Favourite action.
Refresh facebook.
Well, as everyone know, or maybe someone don't know.
Last time you need to refresh your page to update your friend's status
Now they will automatically update for you.

Refresh facebook is to update yourself from your friend's status.
My friend often ask me.
Do you know that facebook .....
Yes I know because I active facebook.

Another friend ask me
Hey, when I can find you?
"Just on facebook and i'll be there"

Past few days, something happen

Wanna forget, but it's not easy

I'm not as brave as you thought
I just often use smile to cover my emotion.

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