Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boring Friday Night.

Wake up at 9.20...

Aw it's still early.. Let me sleep for another 10 minutes.

Ok it's 9.30. Wake up and my day has started. As everyone does, 1st thing that you'll do is check mobile phone.

No message, no missed call.

Seems like it'll be a boring day.

What's surprise me is there one of my house mate awaken already. I thought that the whole unit got no one except me. Gladly there's someone. Went to living room, on my laptop and he tell me that he want to cook for lunch. It's just 9.40..


Let's skip to evening.

Went to Pyramid to have a walk.
Yup. It's Sunway Pyramid.
Wearing Hawaii pants and deep-V singlet. with a black slipper.

Bump into Chriss at Pyramid so we walk together. He wanted to go Popular bookstore to read some books. Thanks to him I spend RM70++ for 3 magazines.

Let me introduce to this super expensive magazines.



and Delicious......

Half day outing spend almost RM120.

Back to lonely unit.

Feel too quiet so play some music. 1st song is my favorite one.

Night started with this emo song. Saw some one only so feel like chatting with him.
So suddenly,

I miss her.
But I guess she won't really care bout this.
But she's busying on the phone when I typing this. And I saw one insect just flew into my unit.

I got guest to serve. That's all bout today.

10:14 p.m
End of my day.

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