Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before I start my story, please allow me to ask you guys a question

So that you guys won't ask:
"Lawrence, how come you everytime also emo?"

Here comes the question....
One day on your life.
You go out to have some happy time with your friend. As an example, you guys go sing karaoke.
In the middle of the session, all of them left you out.

What will YOU do??
(a) you will try to join back to the team
(b) you will remain alone at the corner chatting with your palm
(c) leave the room

now my story starts.
Today during class time, I receive a message. This message is from a friend that I really care about and treat him as a very close friend.
(reason is because we know each other and will share among each other)
(but things go differently)
Message start with
Hey Lawrence, what time your class end?
Erm. It's by 4pm. Anything I can help you?
Nah. Just asking see whether you want to go pyramid or not.
Hmm. But it's raining now lerh.
We can take taylor's bus to Pyramid mah.

Actually we are not allowed to use phone during that specific class but I used it because I want to reply my friend.
After I finish class, I saw him waiting bus alone. Actually I don't want to go because I got things to do at night.
(I'm too soft hearted to see that he's waiting alone there)
Ok I will join u go pyramid

Reach Pyramid
Both of us walking around, looking for present because he wanted to but present for his love one.
Found present, found his friend. He follow me for a while, then we join his friend.
This is the time I felt left out.
Sitting at McD.
Trying to get back to topic but what I get is "palm"

~Emo mode on~
Erm.. You guys will stay here right? I go walk around 1st.
Yea sure. Make sure you come back
So I went around. Guess what. I saw my ex. From back view, I thought i saw the wrong person. So I try to go up one level, rush forward, go back one level, go back to where I saw her. It's really her. She saw me and actually just look away.
*Emo level increase"

When to arcade to "fart out" some emo.
Play Midnight 3DX+
Won a run with very nice drift. Feel very happy.
Back to McD.

Sit back down, feel more left out because I miss their topic.
Never mind. Option B. Sit back alone. Here come more friends. Introduced, movie time.

Movie starts with "It's not Rio"
Where all the birds caught and sent to tiny little town.
Laughter all around.
#Left out at corner sit#

I was left out from the group maybe is because 1st time met them.
Main thing is I was left out from my friend who actually ask me out together.
Didn't even realize that I was watching that movie with no laughter at all.

1 1/2 hour later
The End.
Go back home by taxi. No chat. Bye. Back home.
Bath. Blog.

End of my blog.
Kawan-kawan sekalian. Had you got your answer for the question at the beginning of my post?


  1. my answer will be c, and next time i'll think 100 times if that person ask me to go out again

  2. hahaha.. i'm too good to choose A.. but plan fail so choose B.. everyone got their own way... support you... ^^