Monday, April 18, 2011


In this post, I'm going to say about attitude that SERIOUSLY I DON'T LIKE

It's not that I don't like person like this. What I don't like is their attitude.


People who give excuses.

Everyone will give excuses but it's very obvious that which is acceptable and which is not acceptable.
To make it not specific, I'll put as Person A and Person B.

Person A saw Person B go fetch someone home at night. A say to B

wow so nice person you are. If there's one day I need you to fetch me back at night, will you come and fetch me?
Yea sure. Of cause I will fetch u back if you got no transport.

Next day...
Hello, now I got no transport back home. Can you come and fetch me back?
Erm. Sorry oh I can't fetch u back home. I'm not free now. So sorry ah.
Oh ok I'll find a way to go home. Thank you and Sorry for disturbing.
(when A reach home)
B is at home watching some movie.

Is this a reasonable reason? As you promise people that you going to fetch him/her back but ended up you say you busy because you want to watch movie at home.


Person who totally don't take any responsibility.

There's a group of chef busying to serve customer. Everyone is very busy and uses a lot of pot and pan to cook. Chef A use all his section's pot and pan. A feel that he got not enough utensils, so A went to other section to "borrow" utensils. After A finish using all the utensils, A just leave it at the sink but not clean it. The other chef can't do their best because of the sink is full of A's utensils.

I know that "YOU" are very busy. But at the same time, please don't leave something that will interrupt other people as well. You are working as a group and you just care about yourself.


Which is I hate the most. Person who curse like his grandfather's house.

Curse I mention here is not like I curse you born a baby without ass. Everyone will curse the one and only international language: FUCK YOU.

But can you don't like keep on fuck here fuck there? Some more you not only mention Fuck You when you curse. You always like to say like "Fuck the MotherFucker CB" like that. Please, I'm not here to spoil your image but I'm trying to protect your own image. What's your action when u saw a sexy girl, dress in full formal, but when she speaks, you can see all her teeth is spoiled and always curse? It's the same action when u Cursing so loud with a "KFC buy two free one" combo.

Do mind yourself. Now you guys are just a teenager. It's a stage to prepare yourself to face the community. What happen if you still doing the same thing when u start working? I belief everyone will know.


There's a kind of people who like to say people's bad thing. If you are saying your friend's bad thing in school, it's ok. But if you saying your school friend's bad thing to your colleague, sorry that's so out of range. What if your primary school best friend saying your bad thing when he go out to work? Will you think like oh I'm so famous until my friend is spreading my news. Very obvious right? Gossiping also got his own limit. So don't pass that limit you you will know what colour you will get.


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