Friday, April 15, 2011


Today evening.

Had some conversation with one of my friend
Never meet each other before but I think can be consider as "nice to chat"

Our chat start with "Yosh" from me.
(Learn from Chris) ^^

Then we ask each other how's life and so on.

I saw his picture quite nice so left him a comment.

Then this topic started.


If you don't understand what is meant by SS, I'll explain.

Syok Sendiri in Malay. 自拍 in Chinese. SS in english.

Want more example?

Let me introduce.. Drumroll please...

Number ONE!!

Number TWO!!

Number FIVE!!!!

Erm.. What pose is this??

well, If it's nice girl SS, it's ok. But if


Nowadays, SS is not only for girl. It same goes to boy.

Peace ^^



What's epic is boy SS won't lose to girl.. Such as..

But of course, not every guy suitable to SS also so please don't do stupid thing.

A simple Friday to end my weekdays. House mate enjoying holiday. All went back hometown. Left me alone sitting infront of my darling Compaq. Lonely......


  1. then, pls explain wat SS mean。。

  2. update already.. just now I just wanted to try post to check something. Don't know why my font can't change size jor..

  3. oi, don't use my style. Copyright of Chris Lee! =A=

  4. hahaha.. don't like that larh.. pinjam meminjam mah.. XP