Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random~~ SO Random~~~

Well.. Today is my last day being in my hometown.

Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

By the way. Sabahan is not staying on tree. We're staying in bungalow or semi-D.

Question: Where is Kota Kinabalu?
Answer: Kota Kinabalu is located at Sabah, East Malaysia Land below the wind.

That's not the main topic so SKIP!!

I still remember something. One day, my friend ask me.
"Hey, did u read my blog? I've update it"
"huh? Blog? I don't know what's your link"
(oops I've hurt his feeling)
"Here. This is my blog link."
"Yea I'll visit your blog. Here's mine too"
"WOW!! It's been like long time ago since I read one blog like yours"
(Erm.. Is it because my blog is just about my feelings?)

And that is one of my topic today.


(Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries)

So........ Can I write about my feelings?

Next thing.

I always post in facebook after I finish updating my blog. Maybe someone will ask themself.
(Of here's the bastard showing off his blog again. I wonder why he want to post in facebook?)

Today I'll announce what's the reason.

I'm not showing off that I have a blog. I just hope that my friend will pay my blog a visit and leave some comment. Well you can don't click on the link if you don't want to read blog. I didn't point a gun at you.

Well at least I'm not like someone posting at facebook.
1. Wee I'm going out with my boyfriend now.
2. Oh my god it's freaking jam on the road
3. Yay finally reach XXX.
4. Having sweet dinner with my darling.
5. I'm so full~~ @.@
6. Watching XXX with darling.
7. Go home lurh. Bye darling.. Muackss Muackss.

Will she post like Oh I'm having sex with my darling.

Third thing~~~~~~~~

Today I've read my friends blog. From his post only I know something big happen on him.

Well.. He's a person that really very take care of his own belongings. It's really really taking care. He always put his DSLR inside his bag, his precious flute inside a bag, his masterpiece inside a bag. Even when he go to bed, his laptop goes to bed too..
(sorry I'm a person that leave my dear laptop on table when I go for bed)

I feel like asking him how is he, is he ok, or anything.
(there's always a but)
I scare I hook some unhappy feelings from bottom of his heart. What should I do?? Anyone can teach me?

Last day at hometown. Friends at hometown, I'll be back in another 3 months. Thanks for caring bout me. I'm so happy that you guys still as friendly as last time I was together with you guys.. Thank you very much..